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  • The Courage to Create
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  • 12 February 2019
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The Courage to Create review ï 6 Gerektiğini savunuyor Bunun için de yeni bir cesaret biçiminin bireyde yaratılmasına önemli katkılarda bulunuyor Bu kitabın kişiye kendi kaynaklarından yararlanmakta ve günümüzdeki ahlaksal çözülmenin çöküntüsü altında kalmadan yeni bir yaşam kurmakta düşünsel destek sağlayacağına inanıyoru. Not my favorite work by May Like Alan Watt s The Wisdom of Insecurity this book trails off into a rant about how awesome artists and art is but without any substance or meat to really link art and mental health No one needs to read both these books as they are too similar although this is the slightly better of the two Update having read a little Tillich and Carl Rogers Dialogues I wish I had the patience and time to look this over again I now understand that May was at the center of an ideology war and sadly perhaps some of his writing in this book are casualties of the war

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The Courage to Create review ï 6 Vererek değişimin kaygının içine gömülerek varılacak bir yaratıcılık düzeyinde gerçekleşeceğini vurguluyor Geçiş dönemi psikolojisinin tüm olumsuzluğunu yaratıcılığın zorunluluğu adına kutlayan May yeni olanın her yerde fışkırdığı bir dünyada insanın bilindışı kaynaklara güvenmesi. page 15 We need a new type of physical courage that will neither run rampant in violence nor reuire our assertion of ego centric power over other people I propose a new form of courage of the body the use of body not for the development of muscle men but for the cultivation of sensitivity It will be as Nietzsche remarkeda learning to think with the body It will be a valuing of the body as the means of empathy with others as expression of self as think of beauty and as a rich source of pleasure

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The Courage to Create review ï 6 Yaratma Cesareti Amerikan psikolojisi ve varoluşçu psikoterapinin önde gelen ismi Rollo May'in en temel yapıtlarından biri May psikoloji psikoterapi felsefe ve sanatla yakın ilişkisinden ötürü yaratıcılık konusunu ilginç bir perspektiften inceliyor Tüm varoluşçular gibi o da kaygı olgusuna büyük önem. Good stuff Challenging May asserts that artists writers poets etc need to genuinely encounter or engage with the world which they are interpreting in their artI m still mulling over his chapters on the Oracle of Delphi I THINK that what he was getting at is that artists make new discoveries and create new things with the help of myths and symbols already available to us in our cultures and in the collective unconsciousnessMay does a fantastic job of recommending that rather than analyzing dreams in a simply symbolic manor or perhaps as traditional psychoanalysis has in the past but instead by considering the visual spacial relationships of the principal characters in a given dream This process means visualizing the dream like a painting or perhaps blocking out the staging of the actors as if it were a stage play or a film Doing this reveals new insights into the dreamer s relationships to the persons or symbols in the dream This made sense to me as someone trained in studio and design Needless to say this also contributed to my understanding of the expressive possibilities in designRollo May s book helps us see that creative pursuits can help us to make sense of and cope with our lives and our world This is a great read for anyone interested in creativity art music dance drama poetry and writing etc or in psychologyRollo May was recommended to me by a friend who like May practices depth psychology and is most interested in existential psychology I ve always tended to lean toward cognitive therapy or reality therapy assuming that they re somehow different than or opposed to the behaviorism that dominates elementary and secondary education in the US This book helped me recognize that really they re pretty much just derivatives of behaviorism which is a principally American strain of psychology This Western convention is very concrete material and empirical Not that there s anything wrong with that as they said on an episode of Seinfeld But May suggests that there is a third way balancing the mythology and almost mysticism of Eastern traditions with this very logical measurable ualities of the American way Once again I am reminded of the text I ve been teaching from for years Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain in which Dr Betty Edwards posits that we all are capable of two complimentary ways of thinking perceiving experiencing and knowingHaving read this book I m sure that three things will be impacted 1 My own painting poetry and photography 2 My perceptions interpretations and reactions to the creative arts I encounter from art to film to literature and 3 Hopefully and I d like to think most importantly my teaching