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  • Getting Naked
  • Harlan Cohen
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  • 25 October 2020
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Harlan Cohen ç 4 Read Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Harlan Cohen Getting Naked Read ☆ 104 From Harlan Cohen the bestselling author of THE NAKED ROOMMATE And 107 Other Issues You Might Run into in College comes GETTING NAKED an honest hopeful guide to getting a date fallin. Oh my goodness gracious where in the world do I startLet s seeI read this book in about 2 daysbegrudgingly on Day 2 and because I felt obligated to finish it I always read a book straight to the end even if its terrible It seemed to get longer and longer the closer I got to finishing This book began with what seemed to be a lot of promise but fell flat on its binding uite often during my reading I thought Which is sadder The fact that this guy wrote the bookor the fact that it was published No wait I got it The saddest part is that trees were killed in order for this to be in my hands right now I ve never encouraged book burning but if this was the winter time I would have definitely thrown it into our fireplace and allowed it to serve one purpose to keep me warm That being said I can now go into why I wanted this book to become firewoodThe structure of this book was incredibly sloppy I m starting to believe that an editor was not hired to double check Mr Cohen s work Part 1 of the book was fine I had no issues with it and it made me feel like I may get something really good out of it Part 2 is where I started having problems Part 2 is the main section It makes up about 95% of the book In Part 2 we are introduced to the Experiment and Cohen presents the 5 steps Problem 1 While discussing Step 1 Step 2 is freuently brought up There I had to pause My mind was like Whoa Slow down buddy I m still in Step 1 don t jump the gun with Step 2Problem 2 Sure this ties back to 1 but it was even irksome and deserves its own line Once again we are discussing Step 1 but before its even over Steps 3 5 make an appearance I m here thinking Seriously Can t I just finish hearing what Step 1 isStep 2 was entitled Training In Your Thongs Before you freak out on me this is meant Metaphorically not Literally However this leads me to my next issueProblem 3 When using a metaphor don t bleed it dry I can t even count how many times the thongs were mentionedand uite frankly I don t want to Used once or twice a metaphor is effective Shoved in your face a million times the metaphor loses its impact and becomes nothing but a numb phrase it means nothing and when you read it you just kinda glance over it and it isn t even absorbed or seen apart from the other words you ve been reading If you re going to use a metaphor use proper techniue so I don t get a headache just from hearing the word thong Or better yet just don t use a metaphorJust when I thought I would finally be presented with some decent material I found myself confused Thoughts Didn t I just read this same paragraph in the last chapter Wasn t this point already mentioned 3 times prior to this page Answer to my thoughts YES Problem 4 There is WAY too much repetition I understand the concept that some people learn better with repetition but this is ridiculous I found myself in an endless loop of Mr Cohen s writing on the same points in different chapters Instant boredom and annoyance attained at that point I can take reading a point oncetwice is bearablebut 3 times is overkill ESPECIALLY when the point is not in the least bit adjusted to fit into the information you are reading about What were you thinking Mr Cohen I was really looking forward to some really good advice and pointers before heading out into the wild world of dating but I was completely let down and now I am having to find another book written by someone with a college degree or three on the same subject I have to be completely honest learned way from Hollywood movies such as Hitch Must Love Dogs and He s Just Not That Into You than I have from this book which is saying something since Hollywood is mostly fiction and exaggerationHere are the key points of Getting Naked and pretty much all that can really be taken from itTake risks if you see someone who gives you that feeling you know the feeling I m talking about then talk to them no matter whatdon t think too much just do it This was nothing new to me as I ve already taken a few risks on my own without this books helpYou will get rejected just accept it Once your comfortable with that you ll be good to go and take those risks I just mentioned In the words of Mr Cohen Thousands will want you but millions will notPut yourself in different rooms Do things meet people talk to people make lots of friends Friends are very useful and provide a lot of potential opportunities for you if you allow them to This is basically all you need to know from this bookas that is all that actually makes sense and is useful in the long run The major downfall of this book was the structure It was very unorganized and not very well put together Although I must say I very much enjoyed all the little anecdotes provided throughout the book Some were very sweet and left me with some hope and inspiration All in all this book was not a total wasteit has some good points But I would not recommend that anyone read it unless they can find a FREE copy at a library or if they have absolutely nothing else to do with their time See my other reviews atThe Real World According To Sam

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Harlan Cohen ç 4 Read Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Harlan Cohen Getting Naked Read ☆ 104 Ndicated advice column his college tours his website and his newest book for Gen Y He helped a generation make the most of college life now he'll help them find the love of their liv. I started reading this book because Harlan Cohen came to Northeastern and did a presentation I didn t attend myself but from what I heard it appeared to be really interesting I now really wish that I had gone Mr Cohen s book was kind of inspiring but mostly it was like reading 300 pages of compliments Getting Naked is a little bit about accepting yourself and becoming attractive through interior radiating beauty than it is about waving a magic wand and getting a boyfriend It s about coming out of your safe place and taking a risk It really wasn t dry either It s full of humor and had me laughing out loud I m trying to get all of my friends to read it It s totally worth it

Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Harlan Cohen

Harlan Cohen ç 4 Read Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Harlan Cohen Getting Naked Read ☆ 104 G in love or lust and finding happiness in love and in life With a simple 5 step approach to finding the love of your life Harlan answers the most commonly asked uestions from his sy. The problem with Google Play on Android is that it doesn t always tell you that the free book that you download is not the entire book I liked the portion I downloaded enough to purchase a hard copy of the book Keep in mind I am not the biggest self help book fan out there I will say why this book works for me Cohen uses a light but well intentioned and well reasoned tone In truth I had started some of the life practices that he recommends before I read the book And he has a couple of suggestions that I wish I knew about before my last dating relationshipIn addition the tone is very general I read some reviews which felt he should have been gender specific Multiple times throughout the book Cohen states the suggestions and advice are meant for straights gays lesbians trans men women etc Personally I found nothing wrong with thisSo if you ve been dating or are trying to figure what to do when you date again this is a pretty decent read Especially if you don t mind an occasional chuckle while reading