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  • Paperback
  • 192
  • Tangled Hearts
  • Carole Mortimer
  • English
  • 01 October 2020
  • 9780373110377

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Tangled Hearts Read & download ↠ 2 To her late sister Love hate and loyalty were all mixed up in oneSarah wanted to run But she couldn't let anyone else in her family be denied love because of Garrett or her fear of facing hi. I think i understand why Carole named this book with it s title Tangled Heartsthe hearts were truly tangled through lots of secretsdramas and sensual passionSarah Crone is a divorsed young woman who gets to meet her nephew Jason again after ten yearsand all the while also meeting Jason s handsome fatherthe powerful film director Garret Kinghamwho is the one and only man she have ever truly lovedGarret Kingham is one of my favourite heroes of CaroleHe was so honestso strong and he really did try to win Sarah s heartWhen i got to know the truth about his son i nearly broke downHe had sacrificed so much and i knew he wouldn t let Sarah goI knew why Sarah fell for himand they both truly have a remarkable sexy chemistryI truly later on disliked Garetts brother Jonathanhe were weak and a cheating jerkafter cheating on Shelley he still insisted he loves herGoshwhy didn t Shelley leave himI truly love Garret s sonJason KinghamHe was so much like his father and i loved how protective he is of Sarahand the ending was so utterly adorableand i smiled like a fool til the end

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Tangled Hearts Read & download ↠ 2 D to do everything she could to make their reunion happy and long lastingEven if it meant having to face Garrett Kingham again and that tangle of emotions surrounding his destructive marriage. I don t have anything grand to say about this reading experience It was pretty good I liked Garrett a lot He was actually a very kind decent man Sarah was a good person as well She did a lot of harsh judging of Garrett based on the limited understanding she had of his marriage to her sister She judged him wrongly as it turns out and didn t see her sister realistically Her young age was actually a factor in that I m glad that she did realize the truth in time to give her the chance at love with Garrett Yeah I know it s sort of icky on the surface that her sister was married to Garrett but reading this book takes that sting away It s one of those books where you have to go with the flow and things will turn out right in the end What I thought about specific aspects of the storyview spoiler I found the aspect about her being so terribly in love with Garrett as a sixteen year old and that being the cause of why she was so hostile to him hard to swallow I was like what I didn t think she had spent enough with Garrett to be that in love with him Okay whatever Go with the flowAs far as her sister having an affair with Garrett s brother despite him being so in love with his wife and his wife being oh so forgivingYeah that s true love ain t it Especially when he tried to go into Sarah s room half believing she was her sister like ten years after the sister was dead And having your brother clean up your mess by marrying Sarah s knocked up sister And look he s a US Senator Awesome Not That was a digestible piece Harleuin Presents wacky goodness drama than Sarah being so in love with Garrett since she was sixteen It made me feel some love for Garrett that he did step up and be a dad to his brother s child And how he claims the boy as his own Very sighworthy hide spoiler

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Tangled Hearts Read & download ↠ 2 She knew what it was to miss out on loveSarah's dad hadn't seen his only grandson in ten years hadn't been allowed to So now that the boy had defied his own father and come to them Sarah vowe. This felt like something out of 80s soap opera drama Enjoyable read