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Ben Cort à 7 Summary

Review Weed Inc Read & download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Ben Cort Ben Cort à 7 Summary Omes political agendas overpaid lobbyists big marketing budgets and not far behind monopolies on manufacturing and distribution Small farmers will feel the pinch as prices soar with the domination of corporate America under the guise of good old capitalism There goes the neighborhoodIn Weed Inc Cort responds to statements like It's not addictive It's organic It's safer than alcohol Nobody has ever died from weed Crime will come down and the cartels will sufferWe each have our own ideas of what the world of legal recreational cannabis looks like but than likely we know far less than we think we know This seminal book will take you into the real world of legalized weed and open your eyes to topics such as environmental concerns water fertilizers power etc medical concerns social justice The lobby what businesses stand to gain by this new industry law enforcement organized crime FDA involvement and much For every individual every school and public library and every bookstore committed to carrying the most up to date information on topics that affect families government policy industry and social systems this book is indispensable. Ben Cort is a struggling propaganda spreading author that will do anything for a check He has absolutely zero comprehension of what he s talking about in this book and it shows If you like reading books filled with blatant lies that will be laughed at in the future that is if anyone will actually reads his books than this one s for you Lies misinformation and lies Seriously save yourself the time and let this insignificant shell of a man be forgotten about

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Review Weed Inc Read & download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Ben Cort Ben Cort à 7 Summary You'd need a red hot needle super heated knife or a vaporizer made to handle that kind of heat Did images of people smoking crack or meth come to mind They shouldThere's always room for dessert Ah yes the booming appetite for edibles Super potent You'd have to eat a whole pan of 'herb brownies' to get the concentration of THC that's in today's lollipops or gummies How cool is thatJust ask kids after all they're the target market for weed and concentrates today Since most older consumers have been using weed for decades they're already on board In Colorado advertisements flood newspapers and billboards with two for ones free samples guest appearances by superheroes and adorable Koala spokes bears on special days like 'Waxy Wednesdays' and 'Shatterdays' This young and growing market of kids are easily swayed by cool packaging and images like the one of Cookie Monster sharing a plate of 'special cookies ' which is painted on the outside of a Colorado dispensary located right beside a kindergartenIndustrialization the key to safe regulated products Okay now it really is time to wake up and smell the coffee With industrialization c. There was some good information in this book I appreciated the insight on the issues of an unregulated industry I do see issues with recreational marijuana and found some of Ben Cort s points to be valid I believe many states go too uickly from medical to recreational However much of the discussion on medical marijuana I did not agree with It is obvious Ben Cort has never dealt with chronic pain I do not recommend this book to anyone researching cannabis If you are wanting to research medical marijuana a better book to read is The Medical Marijuana Guide by Patricia C Frye MD or Cannabis for Chronic Pain A Proven Prescription for Using Marijuana to Relieve Your Pain and Heal Your Life by Rav IvkerHere are some of his claims and my disagreement1 THC has little is any medicinal ualities That is false There are many people that have tried numerous medications without relief that can get relief from cannabis Yes some exploit the system but fix the problem 2 There is no way to test for pain False You can look at medical records and reuire a Doctor referral Medical Marijuana should not be the first treatment it should be the last3 It will hurt again when you are not stoned When treating pain you look for a 1 to 1 ratio which won t cause you to get high Many times for medicinal purposes you increase the CBD which reduced the chance of getting high even Many prescription medications would stop working if you skipped a dose and you would get withdrawal symptoms It is not a cure it is pain management4 Ben stated that the water regulations in California were in effect due to cannabis farming I did find that comment enlightening However I lived in California 35 years ago and we had the same water regulations I doubt that cannabis is the whole problem5 He had the audacity to suggest we just use ibuprofen Really 6 Ben suggested Sativex or Marinol Sativex is not available in the US and costs 300 Marinol is just THC so I wouldn t consider this for pain relief7 No welfare for weed No S t That s not a weed problem that s a welfare problem 8 you don t smoke medicine If you re not in a state where medical marijuana is legal you don t have much choice that s all you can get Let s go back to the way they used to handle medical marijuana in Maryland Previously you didn t need to be a resident to have a consult with a medical marijuana Dr That would keep the dispensaries where they are already established and states that wanted the tax revenue from cannabis can have it 9 You want to say it s medicinal then treat it as such with testing and regulations AMEN I am all for testing regulation and access to all US residents I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley

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Review Weed Inc Read & download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Ben Cort Ben Cort à 7 Summary If you ask a young person today about weed what comes to mind isn't rolling a joint or taking a bong hit getting the munchies and chilling out In fact cannabis today is practically an entirely different product than what most people think it is so before you start saying 'What's the big deal about legalizing weed' there's a lot you should knowIn the 1970s mellowing out with a joint and a slice of pizza was a whole different experience you'd have to smoke about 15 joints in 1970 to get the same high as just one joint in 2017 Yet today if you talk to people who use recreational weed than likely they aren't even thinking about rolling one up they're thinking 'concentrates' Check this out in the 1970s THC levels in cannabis were less than 4% today it averages 25% but in concentrates THC levels can be as high as 80% and that's where the train jumps the tracks Concentrates contain the highest levels of THC available and they come in a whole new form thick oils smooth buttery substances wax or rock hard like a Jolly Rancher You don't roll this stuff up and smoke it In order to combust these new forms reuire about 700 degrees of heat. Okay the description is full of such misleading twisted and sometimes completely unmitigated bullshit that I am going to have to hate read this book just to see what kind of political dog and pony show it might be and respond accordingly