The Beauty of Discomfort (E–pub)

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • The Beauty of Discomfort
  • Amanda Lang
  • en
  • 13 October 2020
  • 9781443456142

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CHARACTERS ó The Beauty of Discomfort The groundbreaking new book from the bestselling author of The Power of WhyMost of us don’t like pushing ourselves too hard admitting we don’t know or stretching too far outside of our comfort zone But embracing discomfort is an import. I had great hopes for The Beauty of Discomfort as I am a self improvement junkie and this book was released at a time when I was undergoing a great change in my life I expected to find some solace direction or connection in Amanda Lang s latest and was sure that I was going love it but that wasn t the casePerhaps it s because I have read a plethora of books on the topics of fear and anxiety and on opposite topics love and mindfulness that this book made me yawn I didn t learn anything new and the individual examples akin to reading case studies of change and discomfort in each chapter seemed to drag on There were a few that kept my attention I m a big uber and NBA fan so I wasn t tempted to skim read those but overall I wouldn t have actually finished this book if I didn t receive it as an advanced reader copy from HarperCollins Canada thanks folks I was committed to giving an honest review Now this book might have a bigger impact on someone who is exploring the topic of discomfort and navigating change for the first time but with all the weighty examples the how to s for dealing with discomfort get lost in the mix It s interesting enough if a person isn t looking to dig deep into themselves but instead just wants a general overview of what they can do when they feel stuck in life A self help book would certainly be conducive to achieving lasting successful change

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CHARACTERS ó The Beauty of Discomfort But it’s something that we all can learn The Beauty of Discomfort draws on cutting edge neuroscience and provides examples and strategies from all over the world to help you become creative innovative and effective in your work and life. Amanda proves her point about discomfort by telling stories of people who have endured through their challenging achievements She made sure the stories were sufficiently different to cover most aspects of discomfort After finishing the book it was clear to me that discomfort is actually a personal game changer but there is no beauty in it So Discomfort would be enough as a titleIt was a pleasure to read the book The text was really straight written in a journalistic style almost like a modern documentary crafted to attract reader s attention

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CHARACTERS ó The Beauty of Discomfort Ant tool for success It’s a secret known by everyone from ballroom dancers to stand up comics to the Marines Discomfort is not the same as fear or anxiety and important knowing how to take advantage of discomfort is not an innate ability. I agree with the premise of this book and I think that it starts off strong but I feel that it ended a bit weak That said I do believe that discomfort is necessary to avoid complacency and to be truly engaged