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  • 05 May 2020
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READ ï Entangled The Tangled #2 Otional decision that completely turned my life upside down I'm trying to piece my life back together But Lucas's dark beauty haunts me and I uestion whether I will ever be able to forget himor will my new handsome and su. He s the Air She Craves To Breath The inimitable katherine King does it again with the 2nd book in this fantastic Tangled series Katherine writes with such emotion and heartfelt words that you can t escape being entangled yourself in this highly recommended must read I love how she managed to actually bring out Eric s character in a better light with his unselfish act to try and get Emma and Lucas together again and hope there will be a further story around Eric Will Eric get his pixie angel There is such a roller coaster of emotion in this read around Emma and Lucas with really hot sexy scenes Emma just knows that her happiness and future can only be with Lucas Will it ever happen For me this is the perfect erotic romance of the season This is my honest review of an ARC I received

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READ ï Entangled The Tangled #2 This is an ACE of ASINB077LZTL1L EntangledFROM #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR KATHERINE KING ​The second chapter in The Tangled Series Entangled Falling in love with Lucas Reid was never in my plans but after an em. Emma has reached a crossroads in her life Lucas was never supposed to be part of her dream but she has fallen in love with him Eric dangles a golden carrot in front of Emma by offering her a partnership in a restaurant in California Her lifelong dream is in reach Emma knows that this has been her dream and she will always regret it if she does not try When she makes her decision she not only crushes Lucas s heart but her own as well While she follows her dream she realises that dreams change and that she has made the biggest mistake of her life Lucas can t get over that she has chosen her dream over him and cuts all ties with her after all he was going to ask her to marry him He feels crushed and just can t seem to move on Eric s offer is for his own selfish reasons He wants Emma and he will do anything to get her Emma attitude towards Eric is anything but friendly Eric thinks he is prepared for the challenge but what he does not expect is for Emma to see the real Eric He is a mystery all on his own In the beginning I hated him with a passion and yet towards the end I had empathy for him Ms King has a flare when it comes to writing a story I found myself completely enamoured with her writing and her cast of characters The chemistry was well written and there was enough conflict romance and character development that made this story flawless The intensity of the story is incredibly addictive and I found myself flying through the pages desperate to find out how things would play out Ms King did not disappoint she nailed this She has left an open space for one character and I am hoping that she will write his story soon I would highly recommend this book in fact I would highly recommend anything Ms King writesHot books and Sassy Girls


READ ï Entangled The Tangled #2 Ave business partner Eric who makes it known he wants me in his bed help me to forget Filled with sizzling sex scenes and a roller coaster ride of emotions The Tangled Series is a set of stories that will keep you wanting. I ve been waiting for this book At the same time I almost fear to read it The way Katherine King writes these stories I know that I will feel it in my heart as well as my stomach I can t read it fast enough and yet I want read it slow so it will last a little longer Emma Lucas and EricsighEmma and Lucas took their time to get it in order Eric s personality grew and we finaly saw behind his facade He really has a heart I just wish that someone wants and appreciate it maybe in the next book I always love to read and review books but especially this one