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  • 11 March 2018
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Ten Days that Shook the World Read & Download ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Brilliant and entertaining The New York Times Book ReviewThis first person chronicle by John Reed a legendary journalist who was present at the flash point of the Russian Revolution in 1917 provides an intense and informative eyewitness account of one of the greatest events of the twentieth centuryCapturing the spirit of those heady days of excitement and id. Due to the various political parties that John Reed speaks of in his impassioned account of the Russian Revolution it becomes somewhat difficult to follow the flow of events and their importance An understanding of the struggle at hand in this tumultuous period really only reuires the knowledge of two warring factions the Reds Bolsheviks and the Whites anti Bolsheviks Basically the absolute monarchy of Tsar Nicholas II had come to an end due to severe social and political unrest on the behalf of a starving angry country In its place a Provisional Government was formed This was intended to be temporary of course until a new one arose Long before all of this Vladimir Lenin had been writing of a working class revolution one spearheaded by the privileged Russian intellectuals basically radical Marxists who would organize it And the Provisional Government wasn t exactly any sympathetic to the poor lower classes it was in support of Russia s continued participation in World War I and would not grant them the land that much of Lenin and Trotsky s Bolshevik ideology argued that they were entitled to John Reed a Portland born American journalist covered most of the chaotic events of the October Revolution including the attack on the Winter Palace where the counter revolutionary Whites where defeated by the Bolsheviks After which Kerensky leader of the Whites fled to Pskov As journalism Reed s account of the events of the Revolution weren t exactly objective Of course Reed had unabashed Socialist sympathies He was opposed to the war and very much excited about what this struggle meant not just for Russia but for the world There are parts throughout the book in which he expresses the excitement about how the Russian Revolution would affect other countries and would eventually bring about an international workers revolution inspired by the ideology of Lenin s radical MarxismExactly what went wrong after all of this is another story left open for endless debate An extreme example of socialism in the vein of Lenin s Bolshevik ideology probably wasn t the most reasonable alternative to capitalism or absolute monarchy but at the time of the Tsar s very necessary abdication it could ve been construed as an almost transcendent change Unfortunately a party that ran on such extreme ideology was bound to enforce draconian laws as severe and unreasonable as that of the Tsarist Monarchy or the Provisional Government Introduce a boorish thinker such as Stalin into the mix some decades later and you have an ideological nightmareReed s book is an incredible phenomenon though Here was a man who was front and center for all of it One who had actually stood and listened to the speeches of Lenin and Trotsky He writes prose that as frantic as it occasionally sounds seems to leap off of the page There is an incredible attention to detail for what must have been an overwhelming experience to take in Ten Days that Shook the World will forever remain a classic due to its exuberance and charm it s a testament to its authors bold dedication to spreading the news of one of Western Europe s most pivotal events

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Ten Days that Shook the World Read & Download ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Provisional government the assault on the Winter Palace and Lenin's seizure of powerAccompanied by contemporaneous photographs this gripping record by a western journalist has been acclaimed worldwide since its first publication in 1919 Endorsed by Lenin as a truthful and most vivid exposition the work was the basis for the Academy Award winning 1981 film Re. By mistake my review is located in comment sectionNeedless to say this book should be in everybody bookshelf regardless of one s social and political persuasionsIf you wish to read only one book in your lifetime this is the one The Russian s October Revolution for better or worse has drastically change the world s social and political scenes and its influence is still felt currently

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Ten Days that Shook the World Read & Download ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ealism Reed's true to life account follows many of the prominent Bolshevik leaders as well as vividly capturing the mood of the masses Verbatim reports of speeches by leaders and comments of bystanders set against an idealized backdrop of the proletariat united with soldiers sailors and peasants are balanced by passionate narratives describing the fall of the. Overall this was one of the scariest books I ve ever read in light of our current political climate Of course most of the population was in very bad straits due to the harsh reprisals rampant corruption from the days of the Tsars the 1905 Revolution then the Revolution of 1917 which deposed Tsar Nicholas II plus the horrors of WWI This lead to the October Revolution of 1917 AKA the Ten Days that Shook the World It was a nightmare People were starving no one really knew who was in charge For most of the ten days the Bolsheviks didn t seem to have things in hand but Lenin Trotsky Stalin came out on top of course The sheer amount of lies bull shit propaganda that was shoveled by all sides was incredible The confusion was intense this book paints that picture very well John Reed may have been sympathetic to the socialists but that just gave him better access His reporting was pretty straight forward leaving it to the reader to make up their mind about the morality of the situation He didn t even condemn the gross censorship imposed That s ironic given his welcome in the US where the magazine he was originally reporting for had been closed by the Post Office for being unamerican He was strip searched had almost everything confiscated by the authorities too Yes the Land of the Free often hasn t been since John Adams signed the Alien Sedition Acts back in 1798 Of course the press then gave him plenty of ammo by being at least as full of shit as they were in Russia are today It s a point to keep in mind I missed out on a lot in this book due to my ignorance of Russian history geography It wasn t helped by being written in 1918 when the names of many places were different than they were when I was growing up nor by the bewildering variety of Russian names political parties That s all on me though If you re in the same boat I highly recommend reading the articles I ve linked above It s also helpful to have a separate printed copy of the descriptions of the political parties listed early in the bookVery well narrated well worth reading I got this version from my library but it is free in text from Gutenbergorg here in multiple etext formats in audiobook format from Librivoxorg here so there s no excuse not to read it