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  • ホリデイ フラワーコミックス
  • Yasuko
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  • 26 September 2019
  • 9784091320230

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ホリデイ フラワーコミックス Read ï 104 Ether and Ferris Wheels exist for couples bound by eternal love That world is turned upside down when the boy she likes starts working with her at her part time job Is it time for Kubo to wake up from her daydreams and face realit.

review ホリデイ フラワーコミックスホリデイ フラワーコミックス

ホリデイ フラワーコミックス Read ï 104 My childhood friend Koudai keeps treating me like a child How can I make him say that I'm cuteThe other story is a oneshot Daydream WorldKubo is a girl who lives in her own little daydream world where people are destined to be tog.

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ホリデイ フラワーコミックス Read ï 104 I want to become cute for that guy that I like but Honestly I'm not very fashionable However I truly want to become prettier so I am trying my best to fix up my hair and dress But despite all my efforts nothing is going right and.