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  • Casino by Nicholas Pileggi
  • Nicholas Pileggi
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  • 23 May 2018
  • 9780671044503

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READ ↠ Casino by Nicholas Pileggi Ters in mob lore Lefty the brains of the mob's Vegas casinos; Tony Spilotro the mob's muscle; and Geri Lefty's adulterous show girl wife. A true account of the mob and its Vegas connections Watch the movie Skip the book

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READ ↠ Casino by Nicholas Pileggi Ive dangerous men who run it At the heart of this true tale of love revenge and murder Mafia style are some of the most memorable charac. Sordid gossip and outrageous bravado highlight the inside tales of mob rule in 1970 s Las Vegas This book spills the goods as if being whispered on the down low in the back booth of some bar amidst a smoky cigarette haze It s all salacious and outrageous and true The bits and pieces of this true life crime drama particularly the first person narratives are amazing in their candor However the age of the book has taken a toll Social media is now center stage and what was once over the top and tawdry is now a bit muted The stories of corruption grab interest but the shock value no longer carries the book The narrative lacks a strong and balanced storyline to highlight the good material

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READ ↠ Casino by Nicholas Pileggi From the author of the best selling Mafia exposé Wiseguy comes this inside story of the billion dollar gambling industry and the secret. Reading Rush Read a book set someplace you wish you could go Las VegasA million years ago I watched the movie Casino because its a Martin Scorsese movie and I ve seen all his movies But I don t really remember it The only thing I remember is Robert DeNiro s characters car explodes Also I remember the men wearing a lot of terrible loud suits I don t think I liked it that much but I was only 15 and I watched it right after I watched GoodfellasOne of my ALL TIME FAVES So maybe I ll give it a rewatch now that I ve read the book Casino is pitched as being an action packed tale of love death and betrayalbut Nope Casino actually spends the majority of its time explaining how the mob and our main characterbecause despite being a real person Lefty Rosenthal is a character skim money from Vegas casinos And let me tell you its not a fun read It felt like the author Mitch Pileggi was interested in the skim so that s what he focused on but come onI came here for the sex and murder The story of Lefty Rosenthal his wife Geri and his business partner Tony Spilotro is an explosivethat s a pun tale Geri Tony had a years long affair and they in all likely hood blew up Lefty in his car The mob was pissed that this affair was messing with their money and bodies started dropping So given the importance this love triangle had on the fall of mob involvement in Las Vegas How much time the book spend on this affair About 30 pages Its almost as if Nicholas Pileggi wrote the whole book and then his publisher was like Hey what about the sex and murder If you want a well written story on the history of the mob in Las Vegas then Casino is a good book which is why I m giving it 3 starsBut I was promised a messy love triangle that led to multiple murders and that s not what I got I m gonna rewatch Scorsese s Casino because I m sure I ll like it as an adult and I know for a fact that I get the messiness I was craving from the bookSharon Stone plays Geri If you like mob books or books then give this a read